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  1. I am shocked and saddened by the deterioration of the Scandinavian society. If what I am reading is correct about the increase in behaviour (more common to the near and mid East is to be true) then the society is definitely deteriorating.
    In Bradford, Yorkshire, we had our first “Honour Killing” after the textile factory owners got permission to employ ‘outsiders’ mainly from Pakistan. They came in the droves in the late 1950’s. They would stand outside our local hospital entrance gate in their best mid-blue Sunday suits waiting for the change of nurses’ shift, to offer us money for intimate ‘help’, mewling like dogs. Later they were able to have wives sent over. They bred profusely and their children were not permitted by their rules/laws to integrate, but to partake heavily in the social amenities and free health, and domestic amenities. I left Bradford years ago and when visiting with friends I was appalled to see children urinating in the main streets of Bradford, or squatting to do more serious toilet business. All the elegant stores had gone. It had the look of middle ages and was most un-English. We left quickly.
    More accidental deaths occurred, or so called suicides. We women were no longer safe on the streets after dark. Bradford was no longer England.
    Is this what is happening to other European countries as the ‘foreigners’ take-over without artillary? that our governments are encouraging? Is this happening to Sweden, and Denmark too? It certainly is happening in Holland and France. The Jews in all these European countries gave to society, enriched their host countries, but not so the MUSLIMS – Their influence is now breaking down the societies of their host countries. And the various governments are allowing, ney perpetuating this invasion and deterioration of Western life as we HAD known it. Our daily freedom, freedom of our future will soon come to an end.

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