Remember folks, Suha Arafat is living high on the hog off of Western aid money. The TT is divided however on the issue of turning her over to the Tunisian fundamustard regime, why give these bearded bastards any credibility whatsoever by letting them get their hands on her? It would be better for the West to empty her foreign accounts and let her fend for herself, like working as a hotel cleaning lady brushing out toilets. KGS

Tunisia Issues Arrest Warrant for Arafat Widow

AFP – A Tunisian court has issued an international arrest warrant against the widow of the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat over alleged corruption, an official said Monday.

Justice ministry spokesman Kadhem Zine el Abidine told AFP that a Tunis court had issued the warrant against 48-year-old Suha Arafat, who was stripped of her Tunisian citizenship in 2007 and currently lives in Malta.

According to Tunisian papers, Suha Arafat is wanted over alleged corruption dating back to 2006, when she founded the Carthage International School in Tunis with the country’s much-vilified former first lady Leila Trabelsi.

The two women then fell out, purportedly over Suha Arafat’s criticism of an alleged move by Trabelsi to close down another private school that would have been direct competition for their joint venture.

According to a US diplomatic cable revealed by the Wikileaks, Mrs Arafat met the then US ambassador after the dispute and lashed out at the ruling family.

She said that now ousted dictator Zine el Abidine Ben Ali would spend all day in his residence running after his young son and “simply does what his wife asks him to do”.

Suha Arafat was subsequently declared persona non grata, stripped of her Tunisian nationality and expelled.

She settled in Malta, where her brother served as Palestinian ambassador.

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  1. Empty her accounts that’s for sure! I’m willing to do it for her 😉

  2. She’s a Christian. That was touted back when Arafat was alive and the Palis pretended to represent their Christian Palistinians, too. Notice she took her child with Arafat and left after Arafat died. Probably she held onto money Arafat stole and annoyed some people.

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