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The evils of the multiculturalists and their misguided agenda.

It’s like they just can’t get enough of this backwards 7th century wizard cult that they have to send their students abroad to get their fill. Wearing the headscarf is not out of respect for Islam, but in fact, submitting to a religion not their own. It would be as if a non-Jewish male were to don a prayer shawl while visiting a Synagogue. Taking off their shoes would have been the most “respect” that they should have shown.

What’s with these loser teachers and the parents that signed on to this stupidity of mosque visiting in the first place? What do they really hope to achieve by allowing Muslims to lie to these young minds about the supposed benign nature of the religion of peace? This really is an extraordinary time that we live in, the witnessing of the implosion of Western society in such a short time. KGS

Denmark: Students visit London to learn about Islam

28 students from the 8th and 9th grades of the Regnbueskolen high-school in the Aarhus suburb of Hammel visited the London Central Mosque as part of their London trip.

“It was a great experience! It was experiencing the religion from within, gave us insight into Islam in a totally different way than we had imagined. We think everybody should try it, especially those who are repulsed by other religions, since it was an experience we’ll never forget. To visit the mosque made us understand that people can easily live side by side while respecting each other, but without the same faith and beliefs,” write two of the students, Kristine Frandsen and Alma Fjeldsted.

The visit was organized in advance, and an imam awaited at the mosque’s entrance when the school arrived. Half the students were girls, and they wore headscarves out of respect for Islam. The students took their shoes off and were then brought into the prayer hall where they were impressed by the serenity. Here the imam, proud, calm, and with a sense of humor, enthusiastically told the students about Islam, and answered questions that poked at the belief, in a positive way.

More here at Islam in Europe.

Via: Sheik Yer’Mami (pbuh) and BareNakedIslam

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  2. No child goes on any school trip without the parent’s written permission. If requesting your child to spend the time in a different classroom does not work, then they can ” be sick” that day. Your kids get the clear message that you are making the decisions. This happens because parents let it happen.

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