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Moderate huh? It only takes a handful of fundamentalists to flip it. Also worth mentioning, there is nothing moderate in Islam that made that mosque seemingly ‘moderate’, it has everything to do with outside influences on the thinking of those running it, not from Islam itself. KGS

NOTE: There’s no such thing as the ‘Golden Rule‘ within Islamic teaching.

H/T: Sheik Yer’Mami

Conservative MP, Mike Freer: “I’ve a long record of working with local mosques and this was the second time I’d held a surgery at the North Finchley Mosque, which is very moderate”

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  1. What’s happened to Britain? To call Finchley mosque moderate is a joke. Finchley mosque should have been closed down years ago and the scumbags responsible for these threats should be jailed / deported.

  2. Hey, didn’t the Finchley mosque crowd get the inclusion memo from the PC directorate?

  3. there are more homosexual men in the Muslim community Than most others but they will never admit the truth

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