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The Haaretz team of conspirators should be punished as well. Too bad the sentence doesn’t come with hard labor, making little ones out of big ones. KGS

Skewed priorities in the Anat Kamm affair

Anat Kamm gets 4.5 year sentence for stealing IDF documents

10/30/2011 10:00

Former soldier convicted in plea bargain for charges ofgathering and possession of secret information, passing it to others; during army service, Kamm passed hundreds of IDF documents to ‘Haaretz’ reporter.

The Tel Aviv District Court sentenced Anat Kamm to four and a half years in prison Sunday morning. The 54-month was much shorter than the 15-years prosecutors sought in the case.

Kamm was convicted in a confidential plea bargain, in which she admitted to gathering and possession of secret information and passing it to others.

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  1. This piece of shit should have gotten the death sentence if you ask me. Traitorous pile of leftist liberal scum.

    And to think she vowed to never betray our nation when she joined the IDF… Just goes to show how little integrity people of her type have.

    1. ARIK: Funny really, my thoughts are that those who wish death on people are worse than people who steal… no matter what they steal. What makes you think you are better than her? All because you have different beliefs and motives for the actions you take. What makes you right and her wrong? Also, the best thing you can pride yourself on is integrity? That’s your greatest contribution to your society? Not values, nurture, or kindness, but by smiting people with different views to your own, calling them scum. YOU ARE A DISGUST TO THE HUMAN RACE.

      1. Arik’s upset that traitorous scum are not dealt with like they were in times past. I don’t think that she warrants the death penalty though, not for the severity of her crime, but I do believe that some traitors do in fact deserve the harshest penalty if the crime warrants it.

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