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Straight from the scrolls of the Sheik (pbuh):

Afghan Army “trainee” opens fire on his Australian trainers, killing three


 From our ‘Every Afghan is a Taliban’ series…

The moral of this story is of course that you never give a savage enemy deadly weapons training and enable them to use them against you. But in a world where we no longer kill our enemies but  submit to their every demands like ‘sensitivity training’ and halal goat-meat cooking classes, in a situation where they shoot our boys and our unelected elites tell us to go on  a wild goose chase for ‘hearts and minds’, you know that we’ve not only lost the war; we lost our  f*#ing minds.

Defence Australia has not confirmed the reports out of Afghanistan.

Herald Sun

The New York Times reports the attack took place in the Nish District of Kandahar Province, at a forward operating base used by Australian troops to train the Afghan National Army.

General Abdul Hameed, the commander of the Afghan National Army’s 205th Corps, said an Afghan Army trainee opened fire on his Australian trainers, killing three of them as well as an Afghan interpreter. At least nine others were wounded, General Hameed said, seven of them Australians.

Earlier NATO said “a man dressed in Afghan army uniform” shot dead two foreign troops in the volatile south of Afghanistan .

“Two International Security Assistance Force service members were killed today in southern Afghanistan when an individual wearing an Afghan National Army uniform apparently turned his weapon on Afghan and coalition forces,” an official statement said.

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