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  1. So honour killings are not attached to any particular religion then, Professor? Funny that! How come that most of them are Muslim then? One Sikh honour killing does not equate to one thousand Muslim honour killings. It’s this same sort of disproportionate thinking, this moral relativism, that creates confusion and is used to make lies look like the truth.
    A similar example is when Anders Brievik went on his murder spree. Brievik was thought to be a Christian (he wasn’t actually), so the leftists had a field day. After all, did this not prove that all religions are as violent as one another?
    Despite the fact that in the last decade there have been over 17,000 muderous terrorist attacks committed by Muslims, the one single incident by Brievik suddenly appears to balance everything out!
    Going back to honuour killings. They are a MUSLIM invention pure and simple! So what if the odd Hindu here and there as been known to commit them. This does not let Islam off the hook! Many Hindus and Sikhs have been brought up in a society that is heavily influenced by Islam anyway, and people are greatly influenced by what they see around them when they are growing up. Nothing in Hindu or Sikh scriptures condone honour killings but Muslim scriptures do!

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