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Fjordman has thrown the gauntlet down, daring for the Dagbladet’s Marie Simonsen -who has repeatedly attacked him in that paper- to pick it up and prove her point, if she can. I can only imagine the egg slowly dripping off her face as she reads this op-ed, knowing that she actually has to try and back up her words with actual facts, and knowing that Fjordman is very capable of defending his position and outing her errors. KGS

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Multicultural extremists

Being critical of Islam or multiculturalism isn’t right-wing extremism, writes Peder Jensen. Also known as Fjordman.

Peder Jensen

27.10.2011, at. 11:52 TIP US 2400

Dagbladet.no: Fjordman: “It is my opinion, supporters of non-European mass immigration are extremists, not the opponents of this,” writes Peder Jensen. 

Being critical of Islam or multiculturalism isn’t right-wing extremism, writes Peder Jensen. Also known as Fjordman.

Dagbladet’s Marie Simonsen has repeatedly attacked me in this newspaper’s columns, most recently on 25 October. She writes that the author “ seems unable to participate in a public debate, where he would meet resistance .” Okay.

I hereby challenge her to show how many places in the world with large Muslim populations have shown the ability to live peacefully with their non-Muslim neighbors over a long period of time. I will respond with an article.

Being critical of Islam or multiculturalism isn’t right-wing extremism. Popular resistance against Islamization is now beginning to spread far into the traditional left. Thilo Sarrazin, for example, is a member of the SPD, the Social Democratic Party of Germany and thus a sister party of the Norwegian Labour Party, and even to those who were at Utøya.

But let’s not talk about such things; it will make it much harder for outlets, including Dagbladet, to demonize people they do not like, and it would be sad.

In my opinion, supporters of non-European mass immigration are the extremists, not the opponents of it. Is it not extreme to displace the native population in many parts of Europe, as is happening now?

An ideology can hardly be more radical than to deprive the indigenous population of its homeland across an entire continent, and then suppress all opposition to this policy.

Marie Simonsen wrote in the spring of 2007 that it should be considered a universal human right for all people around the world to move wherever they want to.

Considering that the world’s population is expected to increase by billions of people over the next decades, and that the population growth in just a single country, Pakistan, is sufficient to crush a tiny country like Norway in just a few years, one is forced to conclude that Simonsen doesn’t like the continuing existence of the Norwegians as a people.

Since hardly anyone in mainstream media contradicted her at the time, as far as I know, one must assume that this view is widespread in the press corps. If that is the case, we have a problem.

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  1. I don’t know what’s more depressing, that Breivik responded to the current situation in which Europeans are being swamped by migrants against there will’s by the decisions of a cultural and political elite with violence or that it took this violent act for Europeans to have an actual debate on the subject. It’s interesting that although demonised it’s only in the post-Breivik situation that the mainstream media is actually publishing descenting voices like Fjordman. I guess they’ve been happily publishing editorials from Hamas and Hezballah for years so perhaps this is Breivik’s genius to predict that this would be the wakeup call the elites needed for open debate?

    Fjordman is of course correct. The left and the politically correct classes ignore ALL empirial evidence on the contrary to try to encourge a utopian dream of racial and ethnic groups living in harmony. I can’t think of a single example in history where a country has had over 20% Muslims for an extended period of time and not had a civil war. It reminds me of a Russian saying; “A man never had a problem until he bought a pig,” similiarly Norway never had a problem until it imported hundreds of thousands of peasants from Muslim countries.

  2. The greatest effective weapon that is used by supporters of “population replacement”, to state its truthful name, is the charge of “racism”.

    Since when did racism become the greatest of all sins? Even 30 years ago, racism was not a charge that could shut anyone. Looking further back, the greatest sin was that of pride. Greek philosophers and Christian teachers both agree, that pride was the greatest of all moral sins. So in a short period of 30 years, to further their nation destroying policies, Leftists and Libs have made “racism” to be the ultimate moral sin.

    But what is “racism” in practice? It just means being able to form and sustain a nation on the basis of common language, culture and religion. It was, and still is, the best way a nation state can be formed. Outside the West, it is considered common sense. It is the best way to reduce internal strife, therefore a nation at peace with itself, which then allows social progress of the nation as a whole. This can only happen when the ordinary citizen places some value on doing good for the whole community. It can never happen in a multicultural nation, as each citizen only thinks of himself. This is what we are seeing in the West. Such MC nations will weaken economically and socially, and will eventually fracture under stress, with blood on the streets.

    It goes without saying that “racism” in this context, and the way it is handled and used politically, does not mean hatred of other races. In fact, nations formed on the basis of commonality, have greater respect for nations and people formed in a similar manner, as they do not view them as threats. Contrast this with the situation in Europe at the moment, that despite all the laws in place, there is far greater suspicion of Muslims and others then ever before

  3. Steve Bronfman

    Look what happened to Lebanon – a once Christian nation, enjoying freedom of religion, a free press, and a free economy. But once Muslims became a near majority, a civil war began. Christians are now a minority, and getting smaller every day. As for Lebanon – it has been reduced to a dump like the rest of the ME, or as Churchill puts it, “Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity”.

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