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Not even the Germans can muster enough enthusiasm for the flat earth, anti-capitalist, moronic Marxist “Occupy movement” in the streets of Frankfurt, and that’s saying a lot, for there’s no lack of marxists in Germany. Running out socialist steam I’d say, just like the USSR before it thankfully imploded. KGS

German cities see second, smaller round of ‘Occupy’ protests

Published: 22 Oct 11 14:44 CET

Hundreds of people again took to the streets of Frankfurt and Berlin on Saturday to demonstrate against perceived injustice in the financial system, but the crowds were notably smaller than those seen at protests one week ago. 

The demonstrations have been inspired by the “Occupy Wall Street” movement in New York. Its message has been echoed by protesters in cities around the world.

Police said about 2,500 people rallied in the centre of Germany’s financial capital, Frankfurt. The protest was organised by the “Occupy Frankfurt” movement, as well as the Attac network, which supports “democratic alternatives in the globalization process,” according to its website.

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