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And in the West it’s called racism……?

Saudi Arabia: 3 million expats to be sent out gradually

JEDDAH: Nearly three million expatriate workers will have to leave the Kingdom in the next few years as the Labor Ministry has put a 20 percent ceiling on the country’s guest workers.

The ceiling has been set to help find jobs for Saudis and protect the country’s demographic structure.

“The maximum number of long-term expatriate workers in the Kingdom should not exceed 20 percent of the Saudi population,” Al-Eqtisadiah business daily reported Thursday, quoting the Labor Ministry.

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  1. I can only imagine the outcry if a western country actively tried to implement a similar policy for the same reasons.

  2. John F. Excellent point. Westen leftists don’t care about non western bigotry because that’s just the funny little forieners funny little way. They are hypocrites for not demanding the same standards for others that they claim they want thier own culture to uphold.

    I was going to say something positive about work ethic and the benifits of increasing the middle class but then I re-read the article and noticed that one of the reasons they are doing it is to “preserve demographic structure” i.e. they want to make sure foriegn workers are kept at a number that can be oppressed and want to reduce the chance of foreign ideas taking hold like democracy and shoelaces.

    It also is probably motivated by fear of rebellion. More Saudis gainfully employed means less people with time to overthrow the government.

    Also more people working means the development of a middle class. A middle class means more intellectuals and more individual thought. More employment means less dissatisfaction which means less cannon fodder for radical elements in the country that would seek to turn it into an even more radical islamic state. Not an overnight development but an improvement in decades to come.

  3. I disagree. People are asking for the end of immigration, legal and illegal, to Western countries by people who want to overthrow democracy, and by people who make no contribution to our country and instead are a social drain. We should use the Saudis as an example. Once again, islam is an example!

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