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  1. Who cares how and when he died and who shot him? Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say. Stick him in a freezer full of pork chops. His funeral doesn’t matter. Whether you bury him, cremate him, pray over his body or whatever, he’s still going to the same place down below – into the flaming pit, along with Bin Laden, Arafat and all the other murderous low lifes!

  2. Muslims are savages and barbaric. This is what Muslims do to their own kind on a daily basis.

    Gaddafi gave what Muslims want and that is Sharia law and an Islamic government. If the people of Libya want to blame anything for their current condition, it is Islam and Islamic law or sharia law. When are people going to recognize that sharia laws produce dictators? Muhammad was the very first Muslim terrorist and Muslim dictator. Only in the religion of Islam can a twisted animal like Muhammad can become divine and perfect example for all Muslims to follow.

    Why wasn’t Gaddafi given an Islamic burial considering the fact that he considered himself a pious Muslim. Where is the Muslim outrage? When Osama Bin Ladin was killed, this brutal terrorist was given an Islamic burial. This was done to appease other Muslims who saw Bin Ladin as a hero and a true Muslim. Similar to this, in accordance with Islam and Muslims, Gaddafi was a good and pious Muslim too.

    Islam and Muslims are truly hypocrite. Libya’s condition will never improve as long as Islamic law in place. Replacing a person is not going to do anything because Gaddafi was not the source of the problem. The source of the problem is Islam!

    These people don’t want democracy. Democracy can’t be obtained through Islam. Democracy and Islam is total opposites of each other. The uneducated and indoctrinated Muslims are confused about what they want. They want to improve their situation and think that Islam is the way to get there. Once again, as seen in the the past, present and will continue into the future, that Islam cannot solve anything and is the source of all Muslim’s problems. Muslims will try to blame anything and everything else for all their problems. This the denial that Muslims live with despite all the evidence to the contrary.

    In the end, Libya will not improve and it will get worst. Barbaric Muslims of Libya will turn Libya into an even harder Islamic state. They will force out everyone from Libya who is not Muslim through violence, threats, death and forced conversion. There will be no democracy because the barbaric pious Muslims will force their will through violence, threats and death on everyone else who do want democracy. Democracy and Islam cannot coexist. The bottom line is that Islam and Muslim cannot coexist with anything and everything else that is not Islam.

    The outing of Gaddafi by the Libyan people is the result of confusion and frustration of Muslims. They blame all their ills and suffering on this one pious Muslim who ran his government through Sharia Law and Islam. The source of the ills and suffering of the Libyan is not because of this man. It is because of the Islam that these people follow and Gaddafi was one of them, he was a pious Muslim.

    To the people of Libya: Islam is your problem and not Gaddafi. He followed Islam and implemented it for your country. You got what you wanted. What you got was pain and suffering. Getting rid of Gaddafi will not solve any of your problem because he was not the main source of your problem. You want to blame this man for all of your problems because you cherish your Islam so much that you cannot see it’s evil nature. You think that all of your problems are gone now since he is gone. You are wrong. It is Islam! Islam is not the answer to solve your problem because it is the source of your problem. You think that more Islam is good when it will only make your situation worst! You showed to the world what savages and barbaric Muslims do to each other. You considered him to be a savage and barbaric but you showed to the world that you are no different. Gaddafi and you act the way you act because of your belief in Islam. Islam is barbaric and pious Muslims who follow it are also barbaric. Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Ladin, Gaddafi and all Muslim terrorists have something in common and that is they are pious Muslims. If Muhammad was alive today, he would be one of them too. A devote Muslim is someone to be feared because they bring suffering to the rest of human kind. If you want your country to get out of the 7th century and join the 21st century, then getting rid of Islam from the government is your only answer to your problems.

    Continue to spread the ugly truth of Islam so that it can be stopped!

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