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  1. This proves that the Israelis are a loyal and caring nation who will never abandon one of their own, but at what cost? Expect more Israeli soldiers to be kidnapped in the future!
    One thing we can say though, if like has been swapped for like and the balance is equal then both sides are in agreement for once – agreeing that one Israeli is worth the same as over one hundred Muslims scumbags.

  2. I trust Israel on this.

    I’m sure their top policy makers heatedly debated all the angles, permutations and algorithms involved with this exchange. I’d bet that they even ran a computer simulation to calculate the probability of each speculated result.

    I’m happy Gilad Schalit is home. Let’s see what shakes out in the aftermath.

  3. The poor man looks so weak.I can not imagine the horrors he endured .
    God bless him and Israel .

    Hamas remember ,payback is a b*tch.

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