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They’re called kapo teflon for anti-Semites.

Every country has them, the US has Norman Finkelstein (pictured below giving the sieg heil), and Germany has Hayo Meyer. They hate being Jewish and would have converted to another religion if they hadn’t found the secular variety called Marxist socialism. They’re a loathsome type, never finding a level that they can’t stoop to in bashing Israel and Jews.

Finland just recently hosted a “bash Israel” event headed by an ignoramus Finnish Jew called Bruno Jäntti, a real class-A moron, in which Israel bashing Jewish pseudo scholar Ilan Pappe was invited to speak. The entire event was what the TT predicted, a hate fest of Israel, and the Finnish government under the auspices of the Finnish Ministry of Education, funded it.

NOTE: A Tundra Tabloids correspondant that went to the event wrote a report on what happened, which is available under the fold.

Germans use ‘anti-Israel’ Jews to soothe Holocaust guilt

10/16/2011 23:47

Analysis: What mechanisms are causing some German educators, students, EVZ foundation employees to turn Israel into whipping boy for Europe’s guilt?

BERLIN – The Jerusalem Post exposé on the German Holocaust foundation Remembrance, Responsibility, Future (EVZ) in late September and October revealed that two of its Holocaust high school student programs were being fueled by hatred of the Jewish state.

What social and psychological mechanisms are causing some German educators, students and EVZ foundation employees to marginalize the Holocaust and turn the State of Israel into a public whipping boy for Europe’s guilt about the crimes of the Shoah?

In a series of interviews with leading Israeli and Dutch specialists last week and on Sunday, the Post examined the need of many Europeans to expunge feelings of culpability about the memory of their ancestors’ complicity in the Holocaust.

The EVZ used 38,690 euros ($53,687) to finance studentexchange programs in 2010- 2011, in which Israel was equated with the former repressive Stalinist East German state, and students published crude cartoons of Jews in a brochure. German taxpayer monies funded the speaking engagement of a hardcore anti-Israel Holocaust survivor, Hajo Meyer, at the Anne Frank high school in Gütersloh.

During Meyer’s talk with the students, he termed Israel a “criminal state” and equated the suffering of Palestinians to the persecution and mass murder of Jews during the Holocaust.

Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld, the chairman of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs who authored a book on the abuse of the memory of the Holocaust, said that “comparing Palestinians with Shoah victims is part of the much broader distortion category of Holocaust inversion. These inverters portray Jews as Nazis. The few such Jewish ideological perverts get publicity because many more non-Jews want to hear these things from Jews.”

Gerstenfeld, who was raised in Holland and is an expert on modern European anti-Semitism, cited the writer Leon de Winter’s views about the “falsifiers of history” who impose higher ethical standards on Jews because of the Holocaust.

“The writer Leon de Winter once said to me: ‘They present the Shoah as an educational institute for Jews to teach Jewish morals. In other words, the Nazis held courses in the concentration camps in order to imbue Jews with humanity,’” added Gerstenfeld.

When asked about the motives of Meyer and the steady stream of NGO invitations across Europe to have Meyer express his loathing of Israel, De Winter, a best-selling Jewish Dutch novelist, told the Post that “Meyer is a sad and extreme case of ‘survival guilt,’ which has led to hatred of everything that is Jewish. He is a member of every Israel-bashing group in Holland, and because he is Jewish and a Holocaust survivor, they love him. He combines his selfhatred with vanity – a terrible mix. He can be vain and full of self-hatred at the same time because he is proud of having been able to make sense of the Holocaust: the Jews are to blame because of their rules, laws, and claims to be exceptional and ‘chosen.’”

“In a book about the ‘end of Judaism,’ an end he favors, he wrote that the Jews’ ‘otherness,’ like their dietary rules, caused antipathy already thousands of years ago,” De Winter continued. “It is a fascinating and frightening way to survive – he is still the Nazi prisoner he once was by completely internalizing the Nazi’s hatred.”

More here.

JS: I was there at the University today listening how Bruno Jäntti, Ilan Pappé and Ali Abunimah told the audience that Palestinian Arabs have never done anything bad or wrong and Israel is “continuing ethnic cleansing” that started 1948. Pappé insisted that we must not forget history, which for him seemed to start from the year 1948. Palestinian Arabs were in Palestine before Jews. The Jewish State must diasappear and there shall be only one state in Palestine. Time for negotiations is over and the world must asap start divesting, boycotting and sanctioning Israel.

According to Pappé there has most “probably” never been any Jewish state in Palestine before. Jews expelled almost all Arabs in 1948 but Arabs never expelled the 800 000 Jews because the Jews left voluntarily. Of course Arabs do not threaten Israel but are peace loving and only want to return to their homes.

There were about 80 people in the auditorium. About 95% or more were pro-Palestinians. One or two probably pro-Israelis left quite soon but I stayed because I wanted to make the first questions after the two hours hate-speech. Which I managed to do.

I took the microphone and asked why the lecturers started history from 1948 and not from 635 when Arabs came with sword to the Jewish land where Jews had lived already 2000 years by then.

Then I asked why they did not mention anything of the expulsion of 800 000 Jews from the Arab countries.

Why did they not mention that according to UN 181 there should be and Arab State and a Jewish State in Palestine?

Plus some other remarks that I made, pointing out that Jews have good reason to be suspicious towards Arabs. My questions seemed to irritate and confuse the lecturers and the hosts, which I noticed with content.

When I finished only one guy applauded, and he was a black pastor whose nationality was left unclear to me. He addressed the seminar by asking how is it possible that the Finnish Government supports financially this kind of one-sided seminar where no opposition is present among the lecturers and the lecturers themselves preach hate and boycott against Israel, telling that negotiations are waste of time and even praise armed “resistance”. The pastor asked how can someone in a seminar in Finland tell people that everything that is agreed so far must be wiped out and forgotten.

Of course the lecturers answered with phrases that we all know so well, that is – no answers to the questions but more accusations on Israel. After I was told that I could not pose more questions or comments anymore, I left the room.

I am very glad I went there, because especially in that kind of conferences even one dissident voice makes huge difference. The ignorant, hypnotized and manipulated audience realize all of a sudden that there exists another world than the one painted by their sorcerers. The audience was not staring at me hostile but rather confused and as if not really knowing what to think.

I figured out how to act in the future seminars like this. When I am offered the stage for making one or two questions, I in fact only need to make one question. First I will have a list of topics omitted by the lecturers, which I read aloud, like:

1. Arabs came to Palestine 2000 years after the Jews 2. Palestine did not belong to Arabs when the Zionists started to enter there more than 100 years ago 3. Arabs have no historical or legal right to tell who is allowed to inhabit Palestine 4. Arabs rejected the UN Resolution 181 5.Arabs started the Civil War 30.11.1947 and the war in 1948. 6. More Jews have been expelled from Arab countries than Arabs from Palestine 7. PLO and Hamas Charters tell that Israel must be destroyed.

My one and only question: “Why did you not tell audience anything of these points”? Of course many more points can be raised but these are juts examples.

I mentioned that only one guy applauded me, but in fact it only now came to me that nobody applauded Pappé and Abunimah while answering comments … It is quite remarkable when you start thinking of it. Perhaps people realized that something was wrong with the seminar.

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  1. What a travesty that Germany allowed this meeting to occur within it’s borders.The world admired Germany for it’s innovation and hard work to restore itself after WWII ,until recently .Their acceptance of forced multiculturalism and growing tolerance of antisemitism is disheartening .
    The world and Europe needs Germany to assume it’s natural role of leadership,national pride and cultural defense for itself and it’s neighbors .
    We have come to expect weaknesses from most of Europe but someone must take a stand against this hate filled,historical bastardization and religious persecution that has poisoned minds and mutilated human rights for far too long.

    Blame,hate,dependence and blind ignorance are easy.Standing strong for justice,freedom and equality takes courage and separates good from evil,right from wrong and men from boys.
    If you allow Judaism to be exterminated , you destroy the heart of all monotheistic religions.

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