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The EU elite are a weird, terrible mix of unrepentant ‘former’ Communists and ‘former’ Nazis, who are for the most part unanswerable to anyone. Regardless of what label they now fall under, they’re all statist anti-free market welfare corporatists, or in other words, the new  big government aristocracy that determines the winners and the losers in the EU’s mixed-managed economy. Crony capitalism 101.

If Geert Wilders labels this woman both a hippie and a terrible person, then she is. Here in Finland we have Marxists as a Foreign Minister, President, and Culture Minister. Another Social Democrat Marxist, Paavo Lipponen is running for president in the next elections, he was the one who suggested the office of ‘president’ for the EU commission. What a bunch of losers and malcontents whose only goal in life is to make our lives miserable while they get wealthy. KGS

Wilders calls EU commissioner a hippie and ‘terrible person’

Friday 14 October 2011

Cecilia Malmström, the European commissioner in charge of home affairs is a ‘left-wing hippie’ and ‘should have been sacked’, Geert Wilders, leader of the anti-Islam PVV party says in an interview with Friday’s Parool.

In an interview marking the end of the government’s first year in office, Wilders says the PVV will have a problem if the minority cabinet does not succeed in the changing the commission’s mind about an EU immigration policy.

‘Some left-wing hippie or other who calls herself a European Commissioner – Malmström – thinks differently [to the PVV],’ Wilders is quoted as saying.


‘I have not seen the plans. I only know that that half hippie should have been sacked, sooner rather than later. That is a really terrible person,’ Wilders said.

‘If that Annie doesn’t do anything and there is no support, then we have a problem. I hope the cabinet manages to force through amendments where possible.’

Wilders wants the minority government to ensure a 50% reduction in non-western immigration in return for his support on the economy.


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