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Talk about a knee-jerk reaction. The way the Left thinks, everything has to do with race. It couldn’t have been just about ‘people’, they have to conclude in the only way their brain is hardwired, “a black man surrounded by material goods, must be contemplating theft. Who’s the real racists here? KGS

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  1. One of the problems with the Left is that they are incredibly racist themselves. ‘All black people are bad, but we can fix that. Black people can be made good. It’s white man’s fault that black people are bad, so Whitey needs to change.’
    Never forget that it was the Republican Party in the U.S.A. that abolished slavery, not the Democrats. Don’t forget the persecution of the Jews in Stalinist Russia. ‘Doesn’t make the Left’s track record seem all that good does it?
    It’s the same with this ‘Multicultural’ thing – deliberately dividing people according to their ethnicity. Why, so that the Left have a reason to control people…

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