Mocking Islam Mohamed



“I am Mohamed the prophet, risen from the dead”

This is a real interesting incident, an atheist actually dares to mock Mohamed in public and is attacked for it in the US. There’s shouts of “We’re in America dude, freedom of speech”. Big dose of wake up for the atheists, the mustards are in town and want sharia to rill the roost. KGS


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  1. The victim in this case (who had this video and the testimony of an on-duty police officer) had his claim thrown out of court 12/6/11 by Judge Mark Martin, who said freedom of speech did not extend to “pissing off” people. In other words, in this judge’s eyes, Freedom of Speech is reserved for popular speech. If you say something against popular thought, you’re on your own…the Bill of Rights doesn’t extend that far.

    Also, the judge threatened the victim with a contempt charge if he released the video to the public! Welcome to an authoritarian state where laws are interpreted by the whim of the authorities instead of how they were written.

    Are you kidding me??????????????

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