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Not hate speech or incitement! 

The Tundra Tabloids receives word from Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff -who told the TT the she was elated about this acquittal and offers her congratulations- that SOS Österriech is reporting a major win for the Austrian anti-Islamization movement. Three cheers for the Austrians. KGS

NOTE: Styria, is an Austrian province

Show trial of Styrian FPÖ: ACQUITTAL!

The judge in his ruling declared:

“I did not judge whether the game is tasteful, classy, or ​​reverent. But whether it shall constitute an act of incitement. “

“The debate over whether the building of minarets should be banned” a question that is being discussed all over Europe. ” The question was legitimate. “If a game allows for two types of interpretation – incitement to hatred or a mouthpiece for a claim – then it means that is always to choose the cheaper option for the defendant.”

“We have no crosshairs, there is no shot noise, no weapon is present, the building does not collapse. The use of the circle follows logically from the statements which we have heard.
This shows that this game has a very clear distinction to this person shooter games. “

It was “a legitimate representation of the FPÖ opinion.”

He had already read in court records that young people say that the Koran allow them to beat classmates. Therefore: “We are Herinnes probably little affected by the issue, but people in the school farms already.”

“I can still recall the statement made ​​by Mr Schakfeh (in each province a mosque with a minaret), and then came the game. This is also logical that comes this way. “

“In Switzerland, no one has thought that this is a shooting game. There was no conviction for incitement. So I do me hard here to see a purpose. “

“Quite the contrary, I find that the game title in Austria is still a bit of harmless than in Switzerland.”

“In summary, based on the grounds of acquittal.”

The prosecutor appealing the decision!

He still maintains the charge of incitement to hatred and punishment and urge imposition of a fine.

We congratulate the Styrian Provincial Gerhard Kurzmann and the Swiss advertising expert Alexander Segert to this acquittal – and make it clear:

No mosques with minarets in Austria!

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  1. It was a male judge, so it should read “his ruling”.

    “Herinnes” (above) shoudl read: “here in court”

  2. A small but noteworthy victory. Freedom 1-Tyranny-0

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