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Me fears for all of the wrong reasons…….

Choose your favorites!

Jussi, 21

“I like to wear leather, studs and oversized t-shirt with tight bottoms. I often shop at women’s departments. I follow fashion and blogs, for example Silver.”

(The sign reads: Liquid Gas)

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  1. (neo)-Hippie fashion statements are probably a good way to determine how the PC/MC “revolutionary” mind works. Showing the general public how “alternative” you can be, until you get bashed for not dressing modestly enough (women) or for looking damnright effeminate. (all the men that would want to look like that, for whatever reason)

    I wonder how long it will take before the politically incorrect reality starts hitting Helsinki’s fashion weirdo’s hard.

    1. Oh I hear you Anushirvan, especially when the hijab becomes mandatory.

  2. My first reaction was a sarcastic “so difficult to pick just one”, but now I’m thinking they should go as far as they want–and then when the muslims crack down it will cause the Left to have to face the side they picked…

  3. Oh my.
    I wouldn’t wear those um rags for Halloween .Are they originals by Ali Klein,Fatima McCartney and Hussein Chu? The fall homeless look line ?
    Personally i have my eye (or 2 if i can show both) on a nifty burkini,i just need to learn about burkini waxing and drowning tips.

  4. I like these for two reasons:

    First, I think eccentricity is a good thing – people are all different and who would want to live in a society of mindless conformists where everybody is compelled to dress in boiler suits?

    Second, thre are always times when you want a bit of lightness and levity in your life.

    So having stored these pictures and having sent them to a few friends we are able to enjoy a bit of nonsense therapy when things aren’t going that fantastic.

    So any excuse for a good laugh is a recipe for longevity.

  5. I like the first three too. A relative designs jewelry for “women of a certain age” and women of that age range have always preferd large statements. A and C in particular are just the thing you would see on upper middle class / upper class women in any American city for decades. They are just the sort of thing you would see worn to a party, a museum gathering or antiques show.

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