And the Muslims say, mission accomplished.

I can’t honestly see what is there in that rat hole of a land for him to hold on to. It’s sad, but perhaps it’s time to call it quits, be thankful that he’s still alive and get the hell out of there. Afghanistan isn’t deserving of the Jews and the prosperity that they create.  KGS

Now, the latest State Department Report on International Religious Freedom says: “There is one known Jewish Afghan” left in the country,  “only one known Jewish resident.”

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  1. I think Muslims should strain might and main to keep him in Afghanistan, then they can claim that Islam is a tolerant religion.

  2. This lone resident is a powerful and dramatic example of the truth of Islam .

    It is not a few radicals responding to insults or aggression .
    It is persistent intolerance ,hate and persecution by the entire area of a minority or different religion .
    Every politician and church leader should be made aware of this and all rates of ethnicities that existed in muslim states and no longer do.

    The list is long and may surprise many people.Like the removal of Jews in Libya 1970-1972.

    1. Well, Lilly, as far as politicains and church leaders are concerned, it’s in one ear and out the other with very little going on between the two.

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