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VLAD: BBC video “Christians are sons of dogs” on the Muslim and Army attack on Copts Oct 9 2011

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  1. Those “soldiers” aren’t wounded. The video of them was completely staged.
    #1 is sitting up yet is in such dire need of care he has 6 people around him? 5 of which are doing nothing but patting him?
    #2 has blood spatters on his legs but no wounds at all.
    #3 is supposedly wounded, yet can, with great vim and gusto, get out all the talking points required to both start a massacre and whitewash the armies culpability for it? He is also over acting. Have you ever seen a wounded person behave like him?

    It looks like the media and the army have decided to help the muslim brotherhood ethnically cleanse the coptic christians out of egypt.

    This night will go down in history alongside Kristallnacht.

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