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This next story (h/t Vlad) needs to be first highlighted with an earlier story of a Finnish academic, Inari Sakki, who said that:

“in Germany already shows evidence that images of concentration camps evoke feelings of shame and guilt, and influences perceptions of foreigners which become more favorable.” “There’s nothing unethical in the method, This is not a laboratory experiment, but a form-based test, in which manipulation is involved. It should not cause psychological stress, Sakki says.”

This is exactly what the French textbooks are doing. It needs to be viewed as a Left-wing attempt to highlight every known and imaginable wrong doing by any western state, in order to collectively shame people into behaving according to these “selected PC views”. All this happens while the history of 3rd world nations are highlighted in a positive way.

In the exact same way Israel is routinely demonized in the international media and the Palestinians lionized, so to the West is being assaulted as well. We in the West are being assaulted by this Leftist-Isamic nexus on a daily basis, it’s sick, it’s racist and on many levels, ahistorical.

Here is the Russian TV vid sent by Vlad.

Here is a Tundra Tabloids’ vid of the Israeli Ambassador, Avi Granot, who takes apart the exact same meme that’s being foisted upon the good people of France and others in the West. Look for yourself.

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  1. Revising history is a terrible mistake.Using it to highlight mistakes and instill guilt is even worse.We are to learn from history and strengthen our resolve to not repeat the worst,not manipulate children with it.

    Islam trys to force host educational systems to degraded their own history while inflating muslims claims of their false history to weaken cultural identity and promote shame to the point of cultural suicide of the host country.Reading their unadulterated history shows how they have repeatedly done this in India,Greece,Israel,Spain,Persia etc.

    They will bastardized any history,invention and religion they can get away with.Just as they are using faked Native American history about the US and lies about Jews and Hitler against Europe they will mutilate every fact they can.

    Palestinian schools teach the US Constitution was taken from Muhammad’s “constitution ” of Medina.

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