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Enquiring minds would like to know why?

It was brought to the attention of the Tundra Tabloids that the leading Christian “quality” daily, Trouw, leaves extreme anti-Semitic talkbacks on its website to an article titled: Nobody dared to question Hitler“. According to the BadNewsFromTheNetherlands blog, anti-Semitic comments such as these are left online for all to see:

The factories in Germany and the rest of Europe were in the hands of the Jewish people which paid starvation wages to their workers, while they made giant profits on the American markets. This is the reason why Hitler became so angry with this people. He had warned them frequently enough to be honest traders and pay decent salaries. The Jews refused this, which led to hatred against these people….That’s what I know about it. They became rich from the crisis.”

This is not only categorically false, it also promotes the myth that Jews brought upon themselves their own destruction. Just think what the Dutch anti-Semites will do with that anti-Jew trope, not only the knuckle dragging Neo-Nazi types on the Left, but also the Muslims who get major doses of anti-Semitic rhetoric in their Mosques and whenever they crack open a koran, or a book of hadiths and sunna of Mohamed.

What in the world are these editors of this leading Christian “quality” online magazine thinking? Has the situation so deteriorated that European Christians are once again dipping into the well of irrational Jew hatred? KGS

Here is a screen capture of the article and the offending comment:

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  1. Doesn’t suprise me I must say. Trouw used to be a paper that resisted the Nazi-occupation in the Netherlands. Nowadays it’s a paper that allows the most vile comments. About a year ago there was an interview in a book with someone who writes for Trouw. She told the interviewer that sometimes her fellow journalists tell her that Jews can never be honest about immigration or immigrants. She is not Jewish herself, but after writing about a report about how all the MSM did not report on a research about antisemitism in the Netherlands, people ‘accused’ her of being Jewish.

  2. What is wrong with an anti semitic comment being left on the website?
    Irrespective of the content of the comment the person has the right of free speech to make that comment and the blog to publish it.
    Anyone would think there is a law against criticism of Israel.
    Just out of interest why were jews hated in Russia & Europe?

    1. Trouw moderates all the comments, so apparently they think it’s fine. This comments wasn’t critism of Israel if you would actually read it. But your own comment really says it all I guess.

      1. Thank you POTB, that is one spot of info worst knowing, it wasn’t an accident.

    2. Jews were hated because of irrational hatred, and the need to foment trouble against the handy minority when times got bad. Allowing anti-Semitic comments is of course permissible, but the party that allows it is discredited as a rational player. Why must you bring Israel into it, the Jewish state was not mentioned at all in the article as far as I know…but you manage to inject into this debate, why the need to do so.

      Also, I control this website, and I do not allow anti-semitic rants here either, there is a thing called free speech, but it doesn’t mean that you have a right to enter my front room and shout anything you desire.

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