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  1. What are Cain’s qualifications?

    The biggest mistake Americans made in the last Presidential election was electing a President based solely on his ideology and speech-making talent. Speaking for myself, I’m not interested in sending another novice to the White House.

    1. A can of Raid would get my vote at this time. His qualifications is his business career.

    2. From his bio, he earned a degree in Mathematics from Morehouse, then a Masters in Computer Science from Purdue. He worked with the Navy, Coca-Cola, Pillsbury/Burger King then Godfather’s Pizza, in increasingly senior positions. Subsequently President of the National Restaurant Association and Chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank. That’s a lot more experience than Obama had when he ran for President.

      The one thing missing is any experience dealing with security or foreign affairs. Obama studied International Relations (as I did), but he clearly didn’t learn well, as he’s made a botch of it.

  2. As Romney said, any of the field would be an improvement, though thankfully some of them are dropping away. We need the ideas to get discussed.

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