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Yeah, like this is the guy who Americans should be seeking advice from on anything. The creepiest thing about the video however, is the exact way the crowd repeats the words being spoken and the using of hand gestures like the crowd in Atlanta in another earlier post. It really creeps me out.

Vlad hits the nail on the head at the tail end of this video, speed it up to about 30 seconds from the end if you can’t take the chanting anymore. KGS

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  1. I’m watching Al Jizz and they’re backing it, fully.

    So the Arabs are playing their part too.

    Anarcho’s, loons, paid & unpaid proletarians, union goons, Obama drones, Soros manipulators, all playing their part to destroy the US of A.

    Interesting times ahead.

    1. Yes, interesting times Sheik, I’ve been predicting this over the past year that the Left is going to get violent, more than normal that is, in preparation for the upcoming US elections. And yes, the WH is winking and nodding it its direction. All those trips to the WH by the union thugs means that they are all in cahoots.

  2. Most appropriate touch at the end. A comedian’s routine also touched on this theme. His fourteen year old daughter was furious with him for not $upporting her desire to pierce her navel and eyebrow. She expressed with great frustration how she wasn’t a drone, and needed to express how different she really was from everyone else. Holding firm, he insisted no body piercings or tats. As she stormed up to her room she moaned in fury, something to the effect, ‘but all my friends have them’ or ‘everyone else’s dad understands’, and slammed her door.
    The OWS drones simply refuse to grow up. This generation was ‘taught to the test’ as a result of the ‘no-child-left-behind’ effort. Reason is not a concept they developed. Responsibility and consequences are reserved for the government to dole out. Ayers has his fingers in this pot for decades.

  3. police have arrested them for using bullhorns and P. A. systems and so they have taken to speaking that way so as to allow a single speaker to be heard by the thousands present for the meetings of the occupation.

    1. They’re all creepy flat earth, dead end, no growth marxists with weird hand signals among other things. Body odor has to be strong there as they foul up the parks across America.

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