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Or did he really jump ship from the Left?

It’s rather easy to do when you never really left the Left. Prior to WWII, many traditional Socialists joined the ranks of the Fascists and National Socialism, after the party was over, they returned to the fold.

Special Report: In France, far right capitalizes on euro crisis

[…] Fabien Engelmann, a 32-year old municipal plumber with tight-cropped hair, was an activist with France’s leading trade union and a Trotskyist for many years. Later he joined the far-left “New Anticapitalist Party”. This year he switched party again, but not on a leftist ticket.

He joined France’s famed far-right National Front, and he was not the only one.
This year, five trade unionists have joined the minority party that made its name with the anti-immigrant rhetoric of its founder, Jean-Marie Le Pen. Since January, Le Pen’s daughter Marine has been in charge of the party, and Engelmann says she is a magnet.

“It really is the arrival of Marine Le Pen that convinced me to join the National Front,” Engelmann told Reuters. “She has an economic program that is much more geared to defending the little people, the workers, the popular classes.

In other words folks, Fabian is highly irritated over the French socialist welfare state being nibbled away by mass immigration. He’s still a socialist, but so is Le Pen’s National Front, which means that there is no major ideological canyon to leap over, and shows the ludicrous, outdated notion of the traditional classification of politics and political parties.

What we are actually seeing in this story is the Left-Right divide within the socialist wing where it always existed. while it’s true that some free market Conservatives may in fact share some similar views, (due to being corrupted in some measure by the Left over the years) they still however are on the complete opposite side of the ideological track. KGS

To further my point, check out this video taken from political debate on Finnish TV, in which a socialist union steward/foreman, strongly against immigration of any sort, refuses to be classified on the Right. He places his party’s acronym on the Left.

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