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Get this, the SEIU set a “minder” on him to try and disrupt (intimidate him) his interaction with the marxists flat earthers. Most (if not all) of those filmed vote thumbs down on capitalism but the best part of the film comes at the last minute when he interviews a women who admits that she’s a socialist.

Andrew smartly asks her where did she learn that philosophy, she then names two professors and a friend (still is?) in prison. So her main sources for introduction to socialism came from Leftist academia. He then asks what her friend in prison (who influenced her into accepting socialism over capitalism) was in for,….. ROBBERY.

Breitbart: Me and my very own SEIU “minder” take a journey onto the streets, up to the banks, and into the minds of the grassroots and populist (I swear. No, really. This is really, really spontaneous stuff) #OccupyWallStreet movement. (Side note: my strategy to go incognito by not wearing any product in my hair was an utter failure.)

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