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This is what Leftist brain dead, flat earthers are (by default) in support of at the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. Pure socialism. This means top-down, big, massive state government and the over reaching bureaucracy system that accompanies it, where the few really do dictate to the many. Fun huh? KGS

Hunger crisis grips North Korea as food runs short

U.S. and South Korea won’t resume aid unless communist regime meets certain conditions

HAEJU, North Korea — In a pediatric hospital in North Korea’s most productive farming province, children lay two to a bed. All showed signs of severe malnutrition: skin infections, patchy hair, listless apathy.

“Their mothers have to bring them here on bicycles,” said duty doctor Jang Kum Son in the Yellow Sea port city of Haeju. “We used to have an ambulance but it’s completely broken down. One mother traveled 72 kilometers (45 miles). By the time they get here, it’s often too late.”

It’s also getting late for North Korea to get the massive amount of food aid it claims to need before the harsh winter sets in. The country’s dysfunctional food-distribution system, rising global commodities prices and sanctions imposed over Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programs had contributed to what appears to be a hunger crisis in the North, even before devastating summer floods and typhoons compounded the emergency.

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  1. My heart goes out to the N. Korean population. Years ago a statement was made by their deranged dictator to the effect that he did not care if his general population starved to death as long as his military was kept strong and well fed. If humanitarian aid is sent with the object of stopping mass starvation, who will monitor the distribution of the food? In a dictatorship such as N. Korea he who controls the food controls the country. Those who will not comply and march in locked step with the regime will still starve.

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