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Thank you Pat, you have sought the truth and found it. Kudos. KGS

H/T: Brian of London

UPDATE: One of the administrators of the EDL facebook site sends the TT the following interesting info in connection with this recent Pat Condell video. The Jewish division of the EDL posted Pat’s latest vlog, and low and behold, a person listed as the Senior Aid at the UAE embassy in Washington, posted the following in the comments: Zionist Scum

Close up: 

Falih Husani’s Facebook page reads the following: 

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  1. The comments are exploding as usual for this kind of commentary from Mr Condell. Of course nothing new is being said but if you agree with the vid you should go over to the youtube page and click thumbs up and thumbs down on a bunch of comments.

  2. 480 pixels ftw, has he bought a new webcam finally?

    1. oh it’s 720, even better… plus this is his best clip so far imho

  3. The Arab resposne to this video is all to predictable. What was NOT predictable was that Pat Condell’s perspective on the War Against Israel has changed over the past few years. In his “What about the Jews” commentary, Pat held Israel responsible for Arab hatred and implored them to give Jerusalem to the Arabs. In that essay, Pat noted “It’s (Jerusalem) has ALWAYS been an Arab town.”

    Then came the first change and backtrack. In that essay, Condell noted that no good deed (by Israel) goes unpunished and retracted his call for Israel to cede Jerusalem to the Arabs. Now, in this recent video, Pat starts off noting that no good deed (by israel) goes unpunished but finally reaches a conclusion that I have promoted for many years: anti-Semitism (i.e. Jew-hatred) is the root cause of the War Against Israel. Indeed, as I’ve noted for many years: in a world void of anti-Semitism, the War Against Israel could not possibly exist.

    Pat Condell finally acknowledges this and the change in his views over the past few years is significant.

    The mere fact that Arab anti-Semites don’t like Condell’s commentary is rather predictable. What I find notable is that Condell, an avowed atheist has finally realized that Israel is not merely an irrational religeous institution. It is the national empowerment of the Jewish people and the war against it is driven by anti-Semitism.

    By George! I think he’s got it!

  4. Mr.Condell is absolutely 100 % correct.

    It is amazing this gentleman was a comedian and interpets world issues better than 90% of the politicians .

    If we gain nothing else in the multiculturalism debate,we are still winners because of the extraordinary bloggers and the brave souls who stand tall and strong in the face of criticism and danger to defend human rights,expose the false media,protect freedom and share the truth with us.
    Chivalry and heroes still exist.

  5. Good video! I think it’s great that he acknowledges that he was wrong and needed to learn more. I hope that there will be more people who learn about Arab antisemitism. Memri and PalWatch are very helpful when it comes to this subject. Thanks for the post KGS.

  6. Re the update.
    Thanks for posting that, notice the list of employers, I hope any one still dealing with Barclays considers letting them know how you feel. I left them a few years ago after telling them that their support of the Tennis tournament in Dubai? in which an Israeli was not allowed to participate was the final straw. No response until I closed the account, where upon many calls from them asking why I was leaving. I guess they didn’t need my money, seems Barclays like arab money better. By your accomplices are ye known, and it appears snouts are deep in the trough. I think its fair to say Barclays abandoned the ideals of their founders long long ago.

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