The TT reported a month or so ago about the dog named Wylie, who was brutally mistreated in Afghanistan. A dog is nothing but pure joy, love and affection, anyone who would deliberately poison or mistreat a dog  hasn’t a bone of compassion in his entire body. This is once again a great indicator of the mindset arrayed against the West. KGS

Muslims in Spain Declare Jihad on Dogs

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  1. They say that dogs (like many animals) can sense human fear and human emotions. Dogs have even been known to bark and snarl at ‘ghosts’ and other such phenomena. The Prophet Mohammed despised dogs. He was afraid of them because they would growl and howl at him. Dogs knew that he was possessed and that he was an evil man. They could sense the devil inside of him.
    Many muslims of course are too dumb to really see why Mohammed claimed that dogs are ‘unclean’.

  2. The animal torture and cruelty demonstrated by muslims is beyond the boundaries of religion .It is a definitive sign of mental illness.It is commonly seen in psychopathic sociopaths like serial killers.People capable of this aberrant behavior need to be psychologically evaluated,they are a danger to society.

  3. Deport the Muslims and the dog problem is over. There never was a problem with dogs before the illegal Muslims sneaked into Spain.

    1. Dear Gerald,
      If it would be possible to deport the whole Is*** out of the WORLD, life would be a lot more agreable and more peacefull.

  4. Muslims hate and fear dogs. I wonder what the Left will say when it gets down to the ‘nitty gritty’? Come to think of it, if you don’t already have one or two, get one. They are wonderful–pure love–and worth every penny. Shelters are full of them–free.

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