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Vlad hits the nail on the head, take it away my friend……..

Ontario government issues orders to be extra special to Muslims during Ramadan. The usual racism of lower expectations.

To be honest, this is the first time I have seen Michael Coren not be up to his usual standard on these issues. Not that I disagree with him, but I think he failed on the main point.

In a free country, Canada being one of the very last ones, religion is a choice.

This means that people can choose to observe whatever religious ritual they want to (providing its legal of course) and no government forces them to do it.

This means that we, the rest of us, need not go one-bloody-inch out of our way to accommodate it. I can, and will, eat a nice big ham sandwich and a cold beer next to a fasting Jew or Muslim or whatever anytime it suits me. Because it is his choice to fast and I have no obligation to adjust my own schedule or choices one inch.

Frankly, if we do adjust our own freedoms for these ‘accomodations’ it is for one of a few reasons all of which are awful.

1. The racism of lower expectations.

We figure these people, whoever they are, sort of have to do these things. They have no real agency like ‘we do’ so of course, we bend to them. It’s only fair right? Cause they are too stupid or primitive to make a real choice. Such is the thinking of the racism of lower expectations.

2. We are subservient to them and their customs.

In this case, commonly called, ‘dhimmitude’, the non-Muslims must acknowledge the supremacy of Islam and bend to its adherents customs, even when it is not done in Islamic lands. Such as footbaths in airports which they do not even have in Saudi Arabia. But they do now in the USA

3. These rituals and so on are actually mandated by law as they are in many Islamic countries. In these cases, you are not in a free country and then yes, special care should be given to people forced to observe a lot of crap they may or may not believe in because hell they had no choice in it.

But this is Canada. People choose to wear a certain kind of linen on their heads for reasons of religion or cultural identification. They choose to sacrifice something like lunch for a couple of weeks to show devotion to a pirate and rapist from 1400 years ago, and also, to make dinner more fun.

Whatever it is people choose to do for the sake of religion or culture is their choice. It will have no impact on any of mine.

And this has nothing to do with ‘being nice’.
It is about preserving the freedom to make those choices as well as not make them.

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  1. Personally speaking, I don’t have a problem wishing people of other faiths a happy holiday. This includes Muslims that I have known and worked with.

    I’m not sure I need the government to tell me to do that.

    1. Therein lies the rub, mandated sensibilities towards whatever group that currently occupies the government’s own self interests ( which should be avoided at all times) goes against our civil liberties, plus it smacks of paternalism. This goes to the heart of multiculturalism and the breakdown of the civil society. People should be free to be civil or not to be civil according to their own conscious, not the state’s. I think that we agree here.

  2. Lately in the US and Canada the leftist, lackeys, lapdogs, sycophants, and apologists of Islam seem to be going out of their way to accommodate the ‘special needs’ of the practitioners of ‘The Religion Of Peace’. This pathetic groveling will only lead to more outrageous and unrealistic demands by the ‘Muslim Community’ and their bogus pressure groups. It just goes to demonstrate how low some politicians will stoop for a few cheap votes, they have no problem prostituting themselves out to the very group that curses them behind the closed doors of the Mosque.

  3. Multikulti madness is a tropical disease like dengue fever.

  4. Well people would it not be nice for all of us to get together during ramadamadingdong doo for a nice cold beer and a fat ham sandwich.

    I guess in Finland that might be better in late July or early August however (for the nice cold beer I mean), not actually during ramadamadingdongdoo.

    Hmm, I’m getting a thirst already.

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