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King slammed over award to Saudi monarch

Published: 4 Oct 11 08:45 CET |

Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf has kicked up a storm of controversy after giving a medal to Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah during a recent visit to the country.

Last Friday, the the Swedish king gave his Saudi counterpart the Wolf Bronze award, given by the World Scout Committee to acknowledge “outstanding service by an individual to the World Scout Movement”.

King Carl XVI Gustaf serves as the organisation’s honourary chair.

According to the Asian Tribune news website, the Saudi King also welcomed Carl XVI Gustaf in his private residence in al-Janadriyah.

“It’s betrays a complete lack of judgment to, at a time when people in the region are demanding democracy, give a medal to the region’s foremost dictators,” the Left Party’s Hans Linde told the Expressen newspaper.

Social Democratic foreign policy spokesperson Urban Ahlin also found fault with the king’s actions.

“It’s extremely bad timing to travel there and honour the Saudi king. It’s a bad signal to the people fighting for democracy and freedom,” Ahlin told TV4.


3 Responses

  1. Still, its nice to see the Saudi king stooped down before a Western head of state instead of the other way around… for a change…

  2. The medal had to do with contributions to the scouting movement, not contributions to womens rights or democracy. Just because you don’t like the jam recipe of someone who wins a pie eating contest, it doesn’t mean they didn’t eat the most pie.

    However the medal may have had something to do with democracy and women’s rights as he has just granted women the right to vote and run for office. If that change was left to the voting citizens of Saudi Arabia it would never have happened. Has a western ruler enacted an equally radical change recently?

    Even if he did not wave a magic wand and turn his country into a western democracy he should still be lauded for taking a postive step.

    Scouting encurages western values of citizenship and responsibility and work ethic that should be strongly encouraged in the youth of muslim countries to take the place of the influence of radical islamists. I would like to know what scouts in such countries are being taught though. It is an extremely real danger that Muslim Brotherhood scumbags would infiltrate and poison that institution too. The MB did have a scout movement and exploited them in WWII so any scouting movements leadership needs to be constantly held to a microscope in islamic countries.

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