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One more nail in Europe’s coffin. KGS

Via: Islam Vs. Europe (Who also mentions that the Mosque’s name means House of Victory)

Oslo’s fourth mosque to be opened near highway – People are Frustrated by this symbolic structure

Oslo’s new, fourth mosque, of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in Norway, located in Furuset, Oslo, will be officially opened on Friday. It will be the largest in all the Nordic countries.

The Baitun Nasr Mosque will the main place of worship for Norway’s 1500 Ahmadiyya members, and will have a capacity of 4500.

The opening ceremony will be led by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, who is visiting Norway for the occasion.

The large building has been a focal point in the area for a number of years.  The structure has a 5m dome, a 25m tower and can house up to 4500 people at a time. It has 3000 square meters of floor space. 

The building project started back in 1999 but has been ‘stop and go’ for many years. The contractor went broke just after completing the foundation of the structure as well as other difficulties.

To that end, the local administration published a statement in November 2009, released in conjunction with this and two other religious movements. The statement proclaims a wish for peaceful coexistence in the neighborhood.

Furuset Mosque and the E6 highway

When you take Highway E6 at Oslo City and follow the four-lane highway to the airport’s International Terminal or take the reverse route, you must pass  Furuset Mosque.

International passengers, diplomats and tourists must acknowledge the Furuset mosque coming to and from the Airport.

This are no other religious symbols except this mosque between the Norwegian International Airport and Oslo’s Main Capital on the E6 Motorway.

Christians and people of other faiths are frustrated by this symbolic sight on the Highway. Norway is a country of peace and goodwill extending welcome to people of all faiths.

The mosque sends a message that inaccurately reflects the religious values of Norway to all International passengers traveling to and from the airport.

In the interest of peace and tolerance, opening a mosque in such a vantage point is not good for passengers, tourists or for Muslim diplomats.

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  1. As I have stated before, where did all of the cash come from to build this ‘Mega Mosque’? If most of the Muslim immigrants are ‘asylum seekers’ and’ impoverished’, then is is safe to assume that a high percentage are on the dole. Perhaps a dutiful member from the ‘Mosque’ stops by monthly and ‘makes an offer that one cannot refuse’ to the ‘faithful’, and is given a large slice of tribute. Follow the money, it always leaves a trail. However if it is suggested to the political class that a sizable amount of social services money is ending up in the hands of the radical Imam’s organization, there will be the usual BS, apologist groveling, and accusations of xenophobia, racism, and religious bias.

  2. spoke to an English guy who resides in Norway in teh pub last week.
    his view of Norway is that it is doomed, so far left that it will disappear up its own arse real soon.
    the people are truly ignorant of what is happening to their country and why.

    1. But how can Norwegians be so woefully ignorant about what is going on in Norway?

      Has there not been a flight of ethnic Norwegians from Oslo in recent years to get away from the peace loving immigrants?

      In the final analysis if you don’t think your values are worth standing up for, and fighting for, then you might well and truly disappear as so poetically expressed by bilbo.

      And if this mosque does not reflect Norwegian values, what (I ask) are these values?

  3. No one ever seems to ask , why do they only migrate to European nations? Their wealthy ‘Muslim Brothers’ in the oil rich kingdoms don’t seem to part with a dime unless it is to promote and further radical Islam.

    1. Exactly. And right now the resistance in Syria is begging for help from the west. Why don’t they seek the help of their wealthy muslim brothers in Saudi land, etc.?

  4. The mosque is a symbol of Norwegian tolerance, it shows that Norway values diversity. Unlike those who frequent the forums and your biased anti-Islamic view. If you had bothered to look up the site of the Ahmadiyya Community you may have formed a different opinion about those who have built the mosque. You can reach it at if you are so inclined.

    1. The mosque is a symbol of Norwegian stupidity and the lack of knowledge of Islamic history, its supremacism, its hegemony and destruction of host cultures. Of course I’m biased against Islam, I’ve read its history, seen it in action and want nothing, NOTHING, to do with it. Why is that such a revelation for you types? You cling to a highly dangerous, morally corrosive, totalitarian set system of beliefs that make the hair stand up on the back of the neck, and you’re surprised that people reject it ? I couldn’t care less about the Ahmadiyya community any more than the Sufi, Sunni or the Shiite and any other spin off Islamic cult group. You are all dangerous. Just get that through your very thick skulls and realize that the overwhelming majority of us in the free world want nothing to do with any of you.

  5. Those who knows history will confirm you that it was Islamic civilization that was brought to Europe and current tolerance and ethical values that we found in the west are due to Islam. One of such BBC documentary revealing the history of european civilization link is

    Now the mosque. Ahmadiyya Muslim community is a peaceful community and engaged largly worldwide to spread the message of peace carrying slogan ‘Love for All – Hatred For None’. Around the globe this community is playing a positive role in social welfare of the people. Its may be the only Muslim community whose presence is warmly welcomed by many Goverments around the world. This community is dedicated towards in contributing peace prospects of society. Thats the reason many states encourage Ahmadiyya community to bring its presence to their lands. And thats what Norway is doing.

    The recent tour of supreme head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to Norway is warmly welcomed by the government which included a meeting with the president and with parliamentarians.
    Those having doubts should consider contributions of Ahmadiyya community in various societies and then conclude results.

    Last but not the least, policies of Scandinavian countries are more intellectual than others thats the reason they are still residing in peace. Their people are not ignorant but more smart enough to differentiate between the right and the wrong.

    1. BULLSHIT. Just one more mustard trying to co-opt Western civilization.

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