Dagestan Sharia



From an earlier story at the Tundra Tabloids that the Sheik linked to, brought the TT to this story about an all female beach, a first of it’s kind on the continent, based upon sharia. This is the end result of Islamization, the separation of the sexes, which inevitably  leads to the retardation of society’s understanding of sex.

The exact opposite of that extreme is the Left’s cultural war on sexuality, that has led to gross abuses in the West, where homosexuals and their supporters believe that their lifestyle should be defined by traditional marriage status by the government, and little girls (void of parental supervision) are led to believe that looking like a slut and behaving like one is virtue.

Anyways, here the video of the beach in Dagestan, soon coming to a place near you if Islamization is allowed to come to fruition. KGS

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