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Just wait until Islamization hits them between the eyes, they won’t be feeling smug about their “victory” any longer. They be looking at themselves in the mirror in shame that they helped along their own demise. KGS

Corner junction. But planners insist it will not cause traffic chaos. The system will come into operation in December when the junction fully reopens after a massive ten-month upgrade costing £8 million.

The decision to include automatic crossings was taken after leaders at Finchley United Synagogue explained their predicament to staff at Transport for London, which is responsible for maintaining main roads in the capital. TfL says the ‘hands-free’ green man has not added to the cost of improvements.

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  1. I commend you on your lack of partisanship in calling out “our lot” for this idiotic “religious requirement” and profligacy… In my analysis the difference between ultra super duper orthodox jews (as opposed to modern orthodox/dati leumi who are i.m.h.o possibly the finest people in israel) and fundamustards is that the black hat brigade generally just seek more and more ways to make their own lives difficult and miserable whilst the mohammedans seek destroy everyone else’s (literally and figuratively) in addition to their own. We don’t hear much about the antizionist hassids other than the nutty traitors of neturei karta, but there is a strong current of this suicidal buffoonery masquerading as piety in some of the streams of hassidut, such as satmar… i saw a fairly recent documentary about satmar hassids (in NY i believe, and i’ve heard of them doing so in London too) taking in yemeni jewish refugees and forcibly “moulding” them to their own strange brand of “authentic Judaism”. Long story short the Yemeni family was miserable and made aliyah where of course in Israel there was a much better and more authentically Jewish life for them!

    1. Thank you Jake, I truly believe in the fair treatment of all, and we can’t afford to be skittish over these “face in palm” moments in Jewish related issues. Every religion and ideology has the propensity for such over reaching, it just so happens this is happening within a certain branch of the Jewish community. That said, this branch of Jews are not seeking the “Judification” (if that’s even a word) of their neighborhoods and British society in general, but the mohammedan will in fact take that as a major precedent and pump it with steroids and force their norms upon the rest in that society. Jews will some time down the line be the first to feel the pinch of these over reaching measures, it’s just a matter of time, not if.

      Thanks for your input, it is greatly appreciated.

  2. I agree with Jake here, people are very keen on the secular versus orthodox divide, but there is more to it. Anyway, there is no need for hands free cross walks. It is fine the way it is.

    1. Exactly potb, there is no predicament here, either these sect of Jews cross the street in the normal fashion, or they can jaywalk, no one is forcing this tradition upon them but themselves.

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