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The Baron from Gates of Vienna published a write-up of events surrounding the recent convening of the 5th Counterjihad conference in which the Tundra Tabloids participated. The conference itself went off amazingly well, meeting each other (some for the very first time) is always a pleasurable experience as well as the roundtable discussions on agenda and implementation.

Though it may not appear so on the surface, there are however a lot of amazing things happening below it that are meant to turn the tide of Islamization, and bring us back from the edge of  our own self imposed destruction. Here is a just an excerpt from the Baron’s post, which explains some of the happenings in London last week. KGS

Slouching Towards London


On the morning of Saturday September 24, a Counterjihad leadership meeting convened in central London. A number of people associated withICLA were present, including Paul Weston, Aeneas, Gaia, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, KGS of Tundra Tabloids, Henrik Ræder Clausen ofEurope News (English), Liz of Europe News (Deutsch), and other activists from North America and Western Europe. There were representatives from Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, the UK, and the USA.

The importance of the meeting was underscored by the presence of several leaders of the English Defence League. Tommy Robinson, Kevin Carroll, and Jack Smith were among those who conferred for the first time with a cross-section of the European Counterjihad.

The most important topic of discussion concerned the current political situation in Britain. The unprecedented repression directed at the EDL and other dissidents demonstrates that the authorities are frightened by mass opposition to Islamization and sharia, and are determined to use any means to suppress dissent.

Read it all here.

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  1. Thanks for bringing an update on the counter-Islam movement.

    Both Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carrol look a little pensive. They both smoke as well. I wonder if stress is getting to them.

    If you see them again, tell them that they have nothing to worry about. They have right and truth on their side.

    Now let me relate a story from the Bible.

    Moses too had a huge problem on his hand. He was the leader of a bunch of people, who through out history, have been querulous to say the least. He was confronted by hunger, thirst, rebellion to his authority from his own people, and ever present danger of being annihilated by a superior army.

    So he prayed and complained to God, that the burden God had placed on him, was too great, and he just couldn’t carry on. God’s admonition to Moses was to get a grip. Moses did not control events, God did. All Moses had to do was to put his trust and faith in God.

    God bless you all.

    1. “Both Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carrol look a little pensive. They both smoke as well. I wonder if stress is getting to them.”
      Good post, but I can assure you that they are both non smokers!

  2. didn’t goebels say that if you can’t destroy your opponents arguement you should destroy your opponent.
    this, i think, is what the state is trying to do.
    i think the EDL needs to find a way of decentralising without loosing focus and co-ordination.

  3. Alan
    There was another picture of Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carrol, which showed both of them were smoking.

    It does not matter though. If it helps to relieve the stress they both are under, its fine. Smoking is fine. I like smokers, as they are a tolerant bunch of people.

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