Lefty Morons Obama's Occupy Wall Street Loons



[Ronald Reagan: “We have so many people who can’t see a fat man standing beside a thin one without coming to the conclusion that the fat man got that way by taking advantage of the thin one!”]

Once again, this is the mindset of mob that Ann Coulter talks about in her book, Demonic. Roseanne Barr and like ilk are the very people who would have been with the mob rabble storming the Bastille and cutting off heads and placing them on pikes to be paraded around for all to see.

They’re a menace and need to held accountable for their words, and remember, it’s the blowhards on the Left who have the audacity to blame political violence on the conservatives all the while it’s found among their own ranks. Barr is a complete a-hole and typifies the Hollywood elitist Left’s lust for blood. They’re sick. KGS

Leftard Roseanne Barr:“I, first, would allow the guilty bankers to pay back anything over $100 million (in) personal wealth, because I believe in the maximum wealth of $100 million. If they’re unable to live on that amount, they should go to re-education camps. And if that doesn’t work, they should be beheaded.”

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  1. Comrade Barr at it again spewing more of that Marxist verbal diarrhea.

  2. How much is she worth, and how much of it does she give away, if this is what she believes…

  3. Hmmm. A peek into the inner workings of this woman’s mind and what we see ain’t pretty.

    Seems as though she would have been willling to jump into the role of Robespierre’s right hand lady, that’s for sure.

    1. That’s right Raymond, Barr would be right their with axe in hand and pike at the ready. She is one twisted woman.

  4. Her big ass mouth can be first in line.Who cares what she says.She is a nut and does not matter…HAS BEEN

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