Obama's Occupy Wall Street Loons



Leftists protesting Wall Street commandeer the Brooklyn Bridge then act amazed when they’re arrested. The shouting during the arresting is comical, drones repeating drones, mouthing the words like “the whole world’s watching” or “Let them go”. They really don’t see their clownish behavior as reflecting badly on themselves, not on the police who have to maintain order, It’s no wonder that they’re called Leftards. KGS

NOTE: Shocker, one of those arrested has a the Pali scarf of facsism draped around his neck.

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  1. The police is really lame! You should have seen the charge they did here in Montreal against… wait for it…. students!! It was like a scene from the movie 300!! Organized steps, huge horses, Shields, Armor, etc…

    1. If you illegally assemble and violate the civil societal norms, you will be educated by the very people placed into that position by the people themselves. There is no place for the illegal assembly of the rabble mob. Period. The police are just doing their job.

  2. Malakh, the forty thousand strong NYPD has the tactical capability to use as much force as necessary to handle any situation. When arrested most complied and went into custody without resisting. The left and the MSM were hoping for blood to be shed, however the professionalism and restraint of the police disappointed them.

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