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The level of depravity by the Iranian regime knows no bounds, they really think this kind of stunt is going to fool anyone?

They now know that international interest in this pastor’s plight is gaining steam, so they think that if they change his charges from apostasy to that of rape it will curb western interest in the man’s fate. Well they’re wrong, and if they commit this murder, they will be held accountable.

Once again, if the Iran had similar people like Youcef Nadarkhani forming the majority of society, the world would be a much safer place. God bless this man.  KGS

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  1. This is exactly the same tactic that the Iranians employ all the time. When they first started to get a reputation for the mass murder of gay men, they came in for a lot of bad PR internationally (it doesn’t matter locally, I know Iranians who insist that homosexuals are not killed in Iran — they have Stockholm syndrome). So, in the last 5 years or so, the Iranians have always announced shortly before the execution that the homosexuals are not being hanged “just” for that, but also for crimes such as rape, murder, etc.
    The feeble liberals of the west will then gullibly glug down these “justifications”, and go on supping their lattes and playing with their iPhones.

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