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Being in disagreement with the disgraced Democrat should earn the Israeli PM some kudos, for daring to  publicly reject the serial liar’s revisionism of past events. Bill Clinton shouldn’t be sought to voice an opinion on the public airwaves at all, let alone be seen as an “elder statesman”. Netanyahu is set on the right course of action. KGS

PM stays on message in one interview after another


09/26/2011 03:14

New York: Netanyahu won’t get drawn into US politics, says he disagrees with Bill Clinton over peace process blame.

If people around the world were too busy Friday to tune in live to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s speech and missed his articulation of what he said was Israel’s “truth,” then all they had to do was tune in to any number of television interview shows over the weekend – from ABC, CNN, NBC, Fox News and even BBC’s Arabic service – and get a concise summation.

“The truth,” Netanyahu said at the UN, addressing the world’s leaders “is that Israel wants peace… The truth is that so far the Palestinians have refused to negotiate. The truth is that Israel wants peace with a Palestinian state, but the Palestinians want a state without peace.

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  1. KGS:

    I’m a bit rushed this morning to I don’t have time to read and scrutinize everything you’ve posted about PM Netanyahu’s visit to the US and UN. However, I watched Bill Clinton’s interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN as they talked about the present situation in the UN.

    I was surprised by the way Clinton betrayed Israel. Then again, I shouldn’t have been. Bill and Hillary Clinton are all about betrayal.

    Clinton, like many others are blaming PM Netanyahu for the stall in the peace process. This is a lie for one obvious reason: PM Netanyahu is the Prime Minister (not the President) and that means he rules by coalition.

    If Mahmoud Abbas offered a peace proposal that is acceptable to as few as 1/3 of the Israeli public, PM Netanyahu would either have to accept the offer or be fired from his job as his coalition collapsed. In other words, no matter what people think of Netanyahu’s personal policy preferences, his coalition won’t permit him to turn down a serious peace proposal from Abbas.

    Therefore, the ONLY reason Netanyahu rules Israel with no peace deal in sight is because the PA has not offered one that any significant segment of the Israeli public can accept. As long as that situation persists, Netanyahu will remain PM and there’s no sense blaming Bibi for the impasse.

    I hope this helps.

    C ya,

    TINSC (aka There is NO Santa Claus)

    1. Thanks TINSC, you are of course one hundred percent correct. I would also add, one cannot negotiate peace with a party not willing to end the war. The Arabs are no where near trying to end it, they instead still envision Israel’s destruction to be just a matter of time. So what’s to discuss? Crush the Arabs with everything you’ve got, leaving them 100% thoroughly disillusioned and defeated and the region will have some semblance of peace.

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