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This is slippery side of multiculturalism. It allows for Muslim to freely promote their agenda, and buffoons like the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, are allowing them to take great advantage of the opportunity. Multiculturalism balkanizes society by highlighting the differences of society’s many different members, and usually at the host society’s expense. You tell me, what good can come out of a group like this whose intention is to spread Islam? KGS

The Islamization of British Police

On September 24th 2011, the Mayor of London sponsored an Eid festival at Trafalgar Square. One of the exhibitions was of how Islam is being integrated into the British police force, a banner presenting key elements of this. Since the police (by definition) is a security force for all British citizens, formally having the objective of upholding British law equally for all citizens, it is meaningful to put the mission statement of the Association of Muslim Police (AMP)under some scrutiny:

First the classical band used on police uniforms, now laced with classical Islamic green. A symbolic way of saying that the intention of AMP is to change the police force. This is corroborated by the first line of the banner, which reads:

“Muslims making a difference to policing”

That’s clear enough, and anyone able to parse a straight English sentence will get the meaning of this. The intention is to change policing as such, not merely to protect the rights of police officers who happen to be Muslims.

The mission statement on the banner reads on:

The Association of Muslim Police (AMP) aims to:

Assist Muslims in the police force to observe their faith and to promote the understanding of Islam within the police force and the wider community.

That’s clear enough: The want police officers who happen to be Muslims to be more observant of their faith, to promote Islam within the force – as well as outside. This is also known as ‘enforcing’ and ‘proselytizing’. This is not about furthering the self-determination of the individual officers, it is about making them more observant of Islam and follow Islamic practices while on duty.

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3 Responses

  1. Imagine having a daughter who gets raped by a Muslim and you report it to a Muslim policeman: chances are that she will be arrested and raped again.

    Imagine you need a backup against rioting Muslims and your fellow Muslim policeman sides with his Muslim brothers.

    Imagine apostate Muslim women try to hide from their families who are after them for a good old honor killing; what are the chances that a Muslim police officer rats them out?

    There are of course a hundred other things that will happen when the force is infested with Mohammedans, just how is a decent straight shooting non Muslim PO supposed to do his job?

  2. The Quislings of Islam are hard at work undermining and destroying the institutions and fabric of the UK society. Everyone is supposed to be treated equally, without exception or favor. However the feckless and spineless political class have once again sold out the people and prostituted them selves to the radical Islamists. The level of Political Correctness or ‘Marxism’ is sickening.

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