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Number of recognized religions falls to 14

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The legislation only recognises one denomination per faith, except in the case of Christians and Jews. So, while there are 14 recognised Christian churches and three Jewish denominations, Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims will only see on denomination recognised. As one charming government politician tells Origo, “they can decide between themselves which denomination gets recognition.

NOTE: Can’t wait to see how the Sunnis and the Shias sort that one out.

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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but despite all the kowtowing to Islam by Euro-dhimmi governments only one country, Austria, recognized Islam as a bona fide religion, which is very unfortunate. It puts Islam on a par with other religions and allows them to proselytize in schools. It also enables the corrupt elite to ban all criticism of Islam as ‘hate-speech’, (as in the case of Sabbaditsch-Wolff and Susanne Winter.)

    Recognition means legitimizing polygamy, child-marriage, FGM, segregation, the burqa, third cousin marriage, wife-beating and all the rest.

    In a sane world such a thing would never be considered. But we are way past sanity, we have lost the plot and our future looks dim with what’s coming….

  2. Islam is a more of a cult, ideology, and political. What little part that is religion is used to legitimatize hatred and violence against non-Muslims.

    Muslims will do what Muslims do best and that is to kill each other to prove that there is only one Islam for all Muslims. They do it all the time when they live next to each other.

    Therefore, the only good Muslim is a non-Muslim.

  3. The Magyars know their history and had suffered for centuries under Ottoman Muslim oppression, domination, and occupation, and IMHO are not looking for a repeat performance.

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