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Prayer ban in break room not discrimination

The National Discrimination Tribunal has ruled that a ban on prayer in employee break rooms is not an act of discrimination.

The ruling followed a complaint filed by an individual claiming to have been subjected to discriminatory practice when he and fellow Muslim employees were banned by their employer from holding prayers on the job or in the employee break room.

According to the Tribunal, the employer did not permit employees of any faith to hold religious ceremonies at work. For this reason, it ruled that the complainant had not suffered discrimination.

The Discrimination Tribunal said that use of a common employee break room for Muslim prayers would mean that employees who do not share that faith would be forced to be present at religious functions that were not their own. The Tribunal noted that no one can be obligated to attend a religious ceremony.

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  1. For some reason my comment keeps ending up in your spamfilter. I tried to write the following;

    Nice to see that the Finns still have some common sense left in them, as it’s completely lacking in their Western neighbours. Here in the neo-Marxist la-la-land of Sweden, where the establishment desperately try to pander to their fast swelling constituency of Muslim colonizers, the ruling would have been different. The actions of the employer would, with high probability, have been deemed discriminatory, whereby the Muslim asslifter would have received a royal compensation for having his rights offended.

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