Lying Socialist Bastards


Leftism just does not work. Period. KGS

Via Vlad and found at Whiskey’s Place.

Mr. EBT and the Death of the Welfare State

One of the most fascinating things about the internet is how it collapses different cultures, events, and people into an “endless now” entirely outside the mainstream media’s attempt to edit and control the news that people receive. The video on Youtube linked by Drudge today (“My EBT” by “Mr. EBT”) promises an incendiary repudiation of not just Obama, but every Democratic policy since LBJ.

NOTE: Read the rest of what Whiskey has to say here.

3 Responses

  1. Please let us know if there is anywhere else to view the video, because YouTube took it down.

  2. Update: I went directly to YouTube and found a lot there after typing in ‘my ebt’.

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