The Gulags have moved Westward. Soon Russia will be defending against British totalitarianism

Remember this interview with Matthew Stiddon?

Well he was just arrested. As this is breaking news, I cannot guarantee that I have all the facts with 100% certainty, but here is what the grapevine has made it based on reports from his room-mate, Martin, former leader of the Australian Defense League and exile from Australia for that reason.

The charges against Matthew are: (paraphrasing)

“up on 4 charges, including producing propaganda for inciting racial hatred, inciting racial hatred, making videos against religion, that sort of thing.”

Let me be as clear as humanly possible. Islam is not a race. It is an ideology and mostly political with its own racist heirarchy and its own legal system which it implements by force wherever it can. To oppose it is one’s moral duty. The fact that the British government is arresting people for chanting E. E. EDL in front of a mosque is totalitarian rubbish. But the fact that they are jailing people for it for eight months, likely in a place which is mostly populated by Muslims, shows a total contempt for the very legal system that was indeed invented in England, in other times. When England loved herself. When she led the world in invention, scientific advancement and the most just and fair legal system in the world. The one used by any nation in the world worth living in as evidenced by the massive waves of immigration into them.

Here is one of the videos he made for the Australian Defense League. Even if this material was untrue, it should not be a criminal matter to make it. However no one, not the British government and not the far left claims that what the EDL, what Matthew Stiddon or what the poor fellow who was just jailed for eight months in a UK prison is saying is innacurate.

Clearly what they are charged with, is interfering with the political elite in England’s plan to obliterate traditional British culture, law and history and replace with with anything and everything else. Without ever asking whether the people of that Island, the people who cannot just pack up and go home, without asking them once if they wanted this.

I wonder who should be in prison.

Now I hear the police are looking for his room mate Martin.

I begin to understand why it is that Orwell wrote his stories about England.

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