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The man is the Churchill of the anti-Islamization movement in the UK. KGS

Tommy Speaks Out (20 September 2011)

The video below is the latest from EDL leader Tommy Robinson following his release from his period of political imprisonment in Bedford Prison. In his statement he discusses a range of issues, and these include:

Police Tactics: The tactics used by the police imply a politically motivated approach designed specifically to forestall the continued growth of the EDL and indeed to deliberately demonise the organisation and its supporters.

Bail Conditions Imposed on EDL Activists: He suggests that the bail conditions imposed on EDL activists have been draconian and appear to be motivated by a desire to silence debate rather than to provide justice.

Thanks to well-wishers: Tommy expresses his personal gratitude to all those who offered their support during his recent period of imprisonment. He could hear the gestures of support from his prison cell and these gave him great encouragement during that difficult time. He also refers to the very welcome messages of support that he received from around the world.

Legal Fund: He thanks those who set up the legal fund during his period in prison, but outlines the reason why the fund is not necessary. He makes a suggestion as to how the money raised could be used but stressed that anyone who requested it would have their donations returned.

EDL Merchandise: Allegations relating to the sale of EDL merchandise are outlined and refuted.

Leadership of the EDL Jewish Division: He refers to the establishment of the new Jewish Division under the leadership of James Cohen who has been active in the Counterjihad movement for many years and is the right person for the job.

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