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Well, this former (supposedly expressed disillusion with socialism in 78′) Stalinist-Maoist, now Social Democrat (SDP) hack politician has no room to point any fingers. He’s the one who introduced the idea of a EU constitution, which has become the most serious power grab of the people’s rights in the history of the state. While he might have renounced his Marxism, he’s a statist nonetheless.

The Tundra Tabloids just finished watching MTV3’s morning interview with Paavo Lipponen, in which the journalist colluded with the former prime minister in smearing his opposition, the Finns (formerly True Finns). It was all politics, Lipponen is trying to take the steam out of the Finns political successes, and MTV3 gladly helped him along in his endeavor. The lib media is shameless. KGS

Lipponen, rumbles again: True Finns have right-wing extremism in their ranks

MTV3: Social Democratic Party’s upcoming presidential candidate, Paavo Lipponen, accused some of the Finns of being extreme right-wingers.

– A clear line of right-wing extremists, are present within the Finns party. Now we need to ask about the True Finns party line whether it approves of this kind of behavior, Lipponen told MTV3’s morning show.

Lipponen, also referred to the speeches of the Finns, MP, Jussi Halla-Aho under whose comments, Greece would require a military junta, which could put strikers and rioters into discipline with a tank.

NOTE: The very kind of politics that this jerk represents, (yes that’s right he’s a jerk) is more close to fascism than he would care to admit.

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