The Tundra Tabloids friend and colleague Chinadroll writes the following piece bemoaning the country she once knew. KGS

Alas, Poor Norway! I Knew Her

Posted on September 21, 2011 by cecilie

When that dastardly miscreant Anders Behring Breivik blew up and mowed down all those people in July, I predicted that the Norwegians, instead of looking long and hard at the reasons he stated for his terrible attacks, would embrace muslims like never before. I was right. The crown prince and prime minister of Norway rushed to a mosque in Oslo to say how sorry they were that anyone could in their wildest dreams have imagined that muslims could possibly have been behind the attacks, soon after the massacre.

And today I heard that in a recent election, 11 representatives out of 20 winning seats in Oslo’s Labour Party, are muslims.

What? You may ask. What’s wrong with that? Maybe they are the best candidates for the job? Well, for one thing, Norway was never a meritocracy. Enforced quotas of women in high positions have been in place for years, that’s why the country has such a high percentage of women in government. Not because they’re particularly good.

Therefore I suspect that most if not all of these muslims were voted in for the same reasons as they’ve been lavished with money, given housing and “gobs” (government jobs) just for existing: Because the Norwegians feel sorry for immigrants (we are Europeans and therefore bad! They are minorities and therefore good!) and think they ought to get a free ride, not work their way up like they have to do in for example the U.S., and of course for that old chestnut: Fear.

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  1. Vidkun Quisling would be very proud! Especially for a jew hatred. Such ” civilized” culture !!

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