Ahtisaari Israeli/Palestinian Conflict



This is why the Tundra Tabloids holds former Finnish president Martti Ahtisaari with such contempt. The gas-bag former president should know better than to back such a regime that has proven unable to honestly negotiate over the past two decades. Mr.Doofus, founder of Crisis Management Initiative is clearly driving the self interests of the extremely radical and violent Palestinians. These fake peace makers need to be ridiculed and sidelined.

Ahtisaari’s full throated approval of Abbas’ move for full Palestinian membership at the UN (that is nothing more than a ruse to gain more leverage outside of the negotiating process) should be seen as an attack against the Jewish state of Israel itself.

The TT mentioned earlier that the only reason the Arabs are trying to get a Palestinian state recognized now, (even though they know in advance that it’ll be vetoed by the US) is to get the status of the disputed territories changed to that of being “occupied by a member UN state. So here is Saeb Erekat making that very point:

According to Erekat, the statehood bid has at least six advantages:

  1. Palestine within the 1967 “borders” with Jerusalem as its capital would become a state under occupation by another member of the UN and Israelis would no longer be able to say that these are disputed territories; 
  2. the reference for the negotiations with Israel would focus only on a setting a timetable for an Israeli withdrawal;
  3. the Palestinian people alone would have the right to self-determination;
  4. UN conventions oblige all members to help a country that is occupied by one of the members; 
  5. Palestine would have access to all UN bodies, such as the international criminal court which,
  6. the status of the Palestinian prisoners in Israel would change and they would become, after the UN recognition of a Palestinian state, “prisoners of war.”

So even in the event of a US veto in the UNSC (they can always hope that the US will vote otherwise), they move the ball forward through the freak show called the General Assembly, which is certain to vote in their favor, thereby upgrading their status from that of  ‘observer’, to a non-voting member state, which would allow them to join other UN governmental bodies and the right to pursue legal action against the Jewish state. KGS

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