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Disgusting, and in this day and age. KGS

H/T: Elliot G.

“Death to Jews” did they chant on Sunday in Paris 

Monday, September 19, 2011,

“About 30 pro-Palestinean activists invaded the embark lobby of the Israeli airline El-Al at Roissy, crying “Death to Israel” “Death to the jews” and preventing the checkin of passengers.”

According to witnesses on the spot”a wild horde terrorized, threatened, intimidated passengers.” They were responding to a call from the extremist organization EuroPalestine. Some wore t-shirts calling for a boycott of Israel.

The National Bureau of Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism (BNVCA) condemned “the attack” and appealed to the Prefect of Seine Saint Denis “to stop this aggression and discrimination that those responsible are arrested and brought to justice for disturbing the public order and incitement to hatred “.

The police and security service from the airport intervened and asked the reinforcements to disperse the demonstrators.

NOTE: Over at the French Blog Véronicue Chemla (courtesy of Yisrael Medad) there is a mentioning of the inactivity of the police, saying that the police remained passive.

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  1. Disgusting yes, but I would rather have them showing their true colors shouting ‘death to Jews’ than just saying ‘we care for the ‘Palestinians’. Because they don’t care, all they care is about the annihilation of ‘the Jews’.

  2. This is so embarrassing to the human race .

    It is no different than if they chanted death to Christians,Africans ,Norwegians or muslims .People that demonstrate this degree of ignorance,disrespect and hate should be tried for hate crimes and their picts publicly displayed on walls of shame world wide.

    They are trying to justify their failures,self-hatred,jealousy and criminal acts by degrading others.What a pathetic display of ghetto mentality.

  3. “It is no different than if they chanted death to … muslims”

    I beg to differ, this happened in Europe after all – insulting (offending) a muslim is a hate-crime, fines and even a prison sentence! Any one marching and shouting “death to muslims” should expect to be arrested pretty fast – with luck before some offended passer-by kicks them in the head.

  4. We ourselves are to blame if they some day conqure us through their “child making factories”,using our money,our soil ,our democratic principles,our human rights and then replacing our democracies with SHARIA. It is the foremost duty of every citizen to do whatever one can do and save the land from these people.

  5. It all boils down to the fact that the French political class and police agencies are feckless and have no balls when dealing with ‘the so-called ‘followers of the teachings of the prophet’.

  6. The biggest lie ever told is Islam is the “Religion of Peace.” 270 million non-Muslims died at the sword of Islam:

    We all know well that most of the Quran and Muhammad taught hate and violence. These are the things that are being taught in the place of worship the mosques and in the religious schools the madrassas.

    Is this one of the special privileges that Muslims get because of their Religion of Peace? There are verses in the Quran instructing Muslims to hate and kill Jews. Allah tell them to kill non-Muslims too. Is this there religious right? Are we going to allow them to this because of religious right? That is just disgusting.

    Islam is not a real religion, it is a damn cult, a ideology, and it is political! We must not give it religious freedom because it is more of those than it is religion. Religion is used as a cover.

    We must stop their barbarism.

  7. In the twenty first century, we are all educated and informed. After World war 2, we said that this would never happen again. Anyone who declared ‘death to Jews’ would be stopped and arrested immediately. We won’t be caught out this time will we? We’re just too smart and more informed than our forefathers.
    Oops, wrong…. looks like there are no fools like old fools…………….. and who says that it’s all a myth that history repeats itself?

  8. It’s the behavior of the so-called “palestinian” savages, the pro-“palestinian” savages and the fact that there is no “palestine”, that make me support Israel even more

  9. history is well and truelly gonna repeat itself and europe we only have ourselves to blame. soft on discipline, soft on immigration we reap what we sew. by 2050 europe will be majority muslim but even now while they are still a minority we allow them to metaphorically piss all over us. its gonna be like lambs to the slaughter and its clear to see the muslims wont be the lambs.

  10. people always ask. when are we gonna wake up to islam? FACT is theres no point to wake up anymore. the damage is done and its out of our control. france, italy, spain, holland, germany, UK, sweden, belguim and im guessing more WILL be islamic states in 40 years time and theres no way to reverse the trend. and the bigger the muslim population gets, the bigger the nightmare. already we are parylised to control them and they are less than 10 per cent the population of any of the countries i mentioned.

  11. Again proving that the Palistinians and their duped supporters don’t want to find a solution the the peace process, the want “The Final Solution”.

  12. What really drives me nuts is that the bleeding heart liberals are inviting in the facilitators of their own destruction. If that’s not bad enough, most of these immigrants absolutely refuse to assimilate, get an education,find employment,are a crime and social problem, and are an economic burden. The final straw is that these ‘poor immigrants’ insult the host countries and demand more and more. IMHO many EU countries are committing national suicide, led by the whining and groveling liberals who falsely think that they can ‘save’ the world and solve every social problem.

  13. Arab/Muslims are not happy, in Gaza, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, Iran, Libya, Jordan, or any other Arab/Muslim state. They are happy only in the UK, USA, France, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Australia, and the rest of the civilised world which gives them freedom and rights, free education, free housing, and other state benefits.

    But they do not blame their leaders. Or their religion. Or themselves.

    No, they blame the countries in which they are happy!

    We fully deserve the consequences of our complacency. Future generations will scratch their heads in disbelief that the most advanced civilisation in history so easily capitulated to the most backward and barbaric.

  14. Ernest glad some one on this space has some brains. the Jews are GOD’S chosen people and Israel is GOD’S chosen place. so be careful what you do to GOD’S people. he will protect is people. mark my word.

  15. Big Frank these muslam’s know just what they are doing. they are leaches out to destroy the host and take over the country and the one’s that can put a stop to all this is in on it. trying to save there own skin but in the end the leaches will drain them until they are dead also and these big shots haven’t a brain between them or they would have stopped this a long time ago.

  16. Despicable if you ask me. They complain so much but yet they fail to look at the real problem, themselves and religion.

    They use the excuse its about occupation, and the Israelis relinquished control of Gaza and the West Bank, and look where they’re at. Corrupt, fat swiss bank accounts of politicians of whom have yet done anything noteworthy of a aspiring people who want a state/country.

    They’ve said it many times, even if Israel didn’t exist, they would still hate the Jews. Imagine what state they will have if they did have one? The writing is on the wall, another Jew hating state in the West Bank and Gaza coming to a U.N. near you.

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