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Why not send the Somalis already living in Sweden to the refugee camps in East Africa to be with their loved ones there? They could include an aid package to the host country to help care for them. The upside to all this is that they would be closer to home and cheaper to help, and maintain, until a time when they could be repatriated to the homeland.

The expenses involved in traveling all the way from Africa to N.Europe eats the funds that could otherwise go to helping more people. It’s a matter of math and logistics. People who push for the mass absorption of these refugees, have the exact same mentality of those who called for the banning of DDT, which led to the deaths of tens of millions of Africans.

What the “global warming” scaremongers are doing, amounts to the exact same thing as well, dooming hundreds of millions of people in the developing world to death due to restrictive polices and legislation that will curtail the use of badly needed electricity.  KGS

Asylum agreement to reunite thousands

Thousands of fragmented Somali families may be reunited in Sweden as early as July 2012 following the first step forward in the development of a common migration policy between the government and the Green Party (MP). Reunification has been hampered since spring 2010 when Sweden tightened its family immigration law, taking stringent measures toward those that did not have recognized identity documents.

Thousands of Somalis have thus been stranded in crowded refugee camps in east Africa during the current famine. Changes in the law mean that about 4,000 Somalis, many children, will be permitted into Sweden though it is not certain if all will receive a residence permit.

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  1. That’s the most absurd move is to ‘invite’ more uneducated immigrants, lacking any work or social skills into the country. They will not assimilate, respect the law, and only become a permanent economic burden on the country. A few may be recruited by the Islamic ‘fifth column’ and become a great risk. However none of the real facts or truth will ever sway the ‘feelings’ of the self destructive, bleeding heart, liberal ,political class in Sweden. The real problem is that liberals think that only ‘they’ can save the world.

    1. Hi Frank
      Rika högt utbildade främst med doctorsexamen araber, amerikaner , indier skulle komma , när du sänder inbjudan – wow vilken ide ! Flyktingar är just flyktingar. Min familj evakuerades från östra- Finland, Karelen när grannen kom. Numera finns inte den delen av Finland som en del av Finland. Krig är krig. Flyktingar är flyktingar. Jag har empati för de som måste fly men även viljan att bistå med bättre framtid. Sverige har gjort en mänsklig insats som somalier kommer ihåg länge när vi behandlar dem väl.

      [TT: this is the translation]: Wealthy highly trained mainly with doctor degree Arabs, Americans, Indians should come, when you send the invitation – wow what a idea! Refugees are just refugees. My family was evacuated from East-Finland, Karelia when the neighbor came. Nowadays, there is not that part of Finland as part of Finland. War is war. Refugees are refugees. I have empathy for those who need to escape, but also the desire to provide better future. Sweden has made a human effort that Somalis will remember long when we treat them well.

      1. Refugees are better treated in the vicinity closer to the their homeland, then sending them elsewhere thousands of kilometers away from home and to regions where the culture and the language are night and day. Finnish refugees from Karajala (children were sent to Sweden) remained in other parts of Finland. Healthy males went to the military to help defend their homeland. Why is it that healthy Somali/Iraqi/Syrian males etc. choose to join their womenfolk instead of defending their homeland?

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